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Slowpitch Softball Gloves offers the best gloves and mitts designed to help players of all ability and ages improve their work on the infield and the outfield. stocks the gloves and mitts made from the best leathers, and with the latest features and web patterns, to allow player's to perform with their peak performance.

Slowpitch Softball Gloves

When it comes to choosing a slowpitch softball glove, it’s important to consider the league and position that you will be playing. For instance, women’s leagues use a smaller, 11” ball, while men will use 12” and coed both sizes (women hit 11”, men 12” – although some leagues use the 12” for both). The position(s) you play will also determine which type of glove you will want to use. Infield will need a shallower pocket for quicker transitions, while outfield will prefer a deeper pocket. However, since slowpitch can be played recreationally, you may also want to consider the possibility of a utility glove for infield or outfield. At HomerunMonkey, we are not just your go-to online retailer for baseball and fastpitch softball, we carry a variety of slowpitch softball gloves to choose from – all from your favorite manufacturers like: Mizuno, Nokona, Worth, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, Wilson and DeMarini.

Infielder: For slowpitch gloves, there are very few that are designed to be “position-specific”. Most manufacturers will design gloves to work as a utility pattern, for anywhere on the field since most players will be able to play multiple positions. However, there are some sizes and web patterns that are better fitting for some positions over others. As an infielder, using a glove 12”-12.5” is fitting with an open web pattern, such as: I-web or dual post web. A combination of a shorter glove with an open web will provide a more shallow pocket, for quicker transitions from fielding to throwing. Unlike in baseball or fastpitch softball, pitchers in slowpitch softball do not need to worry about concealing the seams of the ball. Because of this, it is acceptable for a pitcher to use a softball glove that has an open web.

Outfielder: In the outfield, you will want to use a glove that has a wider, deeper pocket to make sure you scoop up the hard hit grounders and many fly balls. Outfielders will want to use a glove in the 12.5”-14” range. Some manufacturers even offer a 15” option, which is pretty big and is probably best for men’s leagues. Pockets to consider as an outfielder would be: basket, dual post, single post, trapeze and modified trapeze.

Utility: The most popular pattern among slowpitch softball gloves is the utility pattern. Because slowpitch can be played recreationally or competitively, the more options, the better. If you’re a player that gets mixed around in the field depending on team you’re playing for or the league you’re in, you may want to consider using a glove that carries a utility pattern. Usually, these gloves will run from 12.5”-13” and have a basket or closed web design. Instead of buying two separate gloves for the infield and outfield, it is usually just easier to purchase a glove that can be used for both.

At HomerunMonkey, we do our best to provide the most options at the greatest prices for all of your softball fielding needs. Get your slowpitch glove at™ today so you can dominate the field tomorrow.