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Learn About Outfield Baseball Gloves

Outfield baseball gloves are designed to have longer fingers, measuring around 12 to 13 inches. They'll also have deeper webs in order to create a wider net to catch fly balls and pick up grounders on the run. Outfield gloves have more rigid fingers to ensure that balls get trapped and don't slip out.

Another important factor when selecting outfield mitts is the web pattern. An outfield glove tends to have dual post, modified trapeze, and trapeze patterns, which are designed for stability and create a deeper pocket for the ball to drop in. The objective of any outfielder chasing down a fly ball or scooping a ball off the ground is to not let the ball get away.

Choose from brands like Wilson, Mizuno, Rawlings, Marucci, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Under Armour, All-Star, Nokona, Franklin, Adidas and Nike to find the glove that?s right for you. Be sure to try a glove on before buying it to make sure it doesn't fall off your hand. And then, practice or play catch with it to break it in before using it in your first game.

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