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Catcher’s gear, whether it’s youth catcher’s gear or equipment for adults, consists primarily of a mask/helmet, chest protector, and leg guards. There are various other accessories available that you can add for protection or comfort. But if you’re playing baseball or fastpitch softball, all you really need to start as a catcher are these three essential pieces. First, you either need a mask/helmet combo or a hockey-style all-in-one mask. Second, you’ll need a chest protector, which will cover the front of your shoulders, your chest, and your abdomen. And finally, you’ll need leg guards, which will cover your knees down to the tops of your feet.

From brands like All-Star, Easton, Wilson, Rawlings, and more, you can either buy these pieces separately or together as a combo. Whichever avenue you take, be sure to include a catcher’s bag, as a regular baseball or softball bag probably won’t be big enough to fit all your catcher’s equipment plus any other gear. Some combos will include the bag in the package. You’ll also want to consider various accessories in addition to your catcher’s gear, such as a throat protector that hangs off the mask, or knee savers, which are cushions that clip onto the back of the leg guards to make squatting easier on the knees.

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