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Baseball Batting Protective Gear

Batter's Protective Gear

It’s important to get Wins, Hits, Runs, RBI’s etc. But with the stats, it’s equally important to make sure you are protected at the plate. With fastballs coming at you in the 90’s in baseball and in the 60’s in softball, being hit by a pitch is not only painful, but can do some damage, from just bruising to breaking bones – and no one wants to find their way to the DL, especially by getting hit by a pitch or foul tip.

Whether you are looking to protect a previously injured area or trying to prevent future injuries in the box, at™, we have the protective gear you need to stay safe at the plate. Protection is key not just at the advanced, elite levels but for youth players as well, which is why we carry protective gear for all levels and age groups. Not to mention these items are high quality from the best protective brands in the business like: Evoshield, Franklin, Cutters, Shock Doctor, Under Armour, XProteX and Trace.

Focusing on protecting the lowerbody? We have batter’s leg guards for the shin, ankle and top of the foot where the smallest, most fragile bones are. Funny bone not-so-funny? We don’t think it is either, which is why we have batter’s elbow guards to avoid hitting that nerve and keep your elbow covered. With a variety of areas to be protected and different styles, BaseballMonkey has what you need to be protected.