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Batting Accessories

Batting Accessories

So you’ve got this nice, new helmet from™, but not all of them come with facemasks and hardware. Well, you’ve come to the right place. At BaseballMonkey, we carry all of the batting helmet accessories that you need to keep your face protected, helmet fitting right and even decorated and customized.

Facemasks are a requirement in all fastpitch softball leagues below the college and professional level, for baseball many youth leagues also require facemasks. However, most helmets do not come with these masks attached, which leaves you needing to purchase the masks separately. Luckily, we carry a number of different masks that are compatible with the variety of helmets that we carry from manufacturers like: Rawlings, Easton, All-Star, Mizuno, Wilson, Under Armour, Rip-It and Schutt.

Already have a mask, but lost a screw or chinstrap? We carry batting helmet replacement hardware and batting helmet straps to make sure the mask and helmet stay on securely. Moreover, if your head is too small for the senior helmet, but not quite small enough for a junior, we carry baseball helmet and softball helmet “fit kits”, which add padding to reduce the hat size of the helmet. By adding the fit kit, you can safely and securely shrink the size of the helmet to fit your head better.

Aside from the functional batting accessories, we also carry accessories to make your helmet pop, giving it some customization. Batting helmet decals from SportStar and other brands provide additional colors, numbers and/or decoration for your helmet. So you can still use your team colors, but stand out just a bit more when at the plate.

At BaseballMonkey, we carry all of your batting helmet and batting helmet accessory needs for baseball or softball.