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Youth Little League Baseball Bats

Youth Baseball Bats

Don’t be fooled. Just because a bat is considered a Youth baseball bat, does not mean the youth player is not capable of a high caliber level-of-play. This is why at™ we carry a variety of youth bats, for both the beginning youth players to the elite youth ball players looking for something more technologically advanced.

Youth baseball bats are available in a number of different length-to-weight ratios, from: -9 (the heaviest), -10, -11, -12 and -13 (being the lightest). The length-to-weight ratio (i.e. drop or drop weight) is the number that is equal to the difference between the length and weight of a bat, e.g.: a bat that is 30in long and is 20oz in weight will have a drop of (-10), since 30-20=10; therefore, the smaller the number, the heavier the bat and conversely the bigger, the heavier. Because age groups and levels of play can vary so much in youth leagues, manufacturers will normally come out with a number of different drops for their bats, to meet the needs all youth baseball players.

At™, we carry a variety of different styles and weights of bats for the youth baseball player. From some of the best manufacturers of adult baseball bats: Easton, DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, Mizuno, Marucci and Baden – these manufacturers also release some of the best baseball bats for youth players on the market. Whether you are looking for a composite youth baseball bat, alloy youth baseball bat, composite/alloy youth baseball bat or even a wood youth baseball bat – we carry the best-of-the-best at equally great prices.

Keep in mind, there are different restrictions for different leagues, so it is important to check with your local league and verify what is considered legal and illegal for use at the plate. You can also reference our bat buying guide for information on how to choose the youth bat that is right for you or your player.